Experienced advisors,
trusted partners,
proven results

Woodward Park is an independent investment bank focused on providing merger and acquisition advisory services for middle market transactions. Woodward Park was founded by principals with a prominent heritage in the middle market investment banking industry that dates back over 20 years. With over 75 years of combined experience advising on hundreds of successful transactions, the principals of Woodward Park have developed a strong reputation for being thought leaders with a differentiated service delivery that distinguishes us from our competition. Woodward Park’s mission is to be regarded as a leading middle market investment banking firm. This mission is accomplished not by the size of the firm, but by being the recognized brand synonymous with delivering consistent excellence. This mission, coupled with the Firm’s core values, drives our passion and commitment to our clients every day.

Core Values


We believe culture starts with the recruiting process and does not stop once someone is onboarded. We hire highly driven individuals that thrive in a team-first environment. We continuously invest in personal development and professional training throughout our organization. Our employees are rewarded based on their work ethic and talent rather than age, experience or pedigree. We reward individual initiative but believe working as a team, with strong leadership, creates optimal results for both our clients and the Firm.


Our team is composed of focused and experienced investment banking professionals with outstanding heritage in the middle market for delivering premium valuations on transactions. We only hire the brightest and most passionate investment banking professionals. We are selective in our engagements which has led to a reputation for representing the highest quality companies. We are committed to only taking on new engagements when we can dedicate the highest level of senior banker attention and resources from the start to the end of the transaction. We approach every deal with passion and tenacity to deliver the highest quality service in the market.


We are dedicated to providing the best service and honest, selfless advice. We strive to be a trusted partner to our clients. Our bankers always put our clients’ transaction objectives first. We strongly believe our ‘client-first’ mentality and fervent client advocacy lead to long-standing, fruitful relationships. We cherish our independence as a firm and despise the industry practice of favoring parties during a process to secure future investment banking assignments.


We understand that teamwork drives creativity, quality of service and, ultimately, outlier results for our clients. We believe teamwork does not end with the Woodward Park team. We take pride in checking our egos at the door and collaborating with management teams and other third-party advisors to ensure we create the best process to meet every facet of our clients’ transaction objectives.